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Hypnosis: An Answer to Chronic Pain

After three pain management and hypnosis sessions with Kathy, a client made remarkable progress from chronic pain! For three to four years, the client had visited a variety of doctors, but could not find any explanation for her persistent back, knee  and stomach pain.  She was in a great deal of discomfort, anxiety, and stress. Her […]

In The News, Boxer Patty Boom Boom! Mind over Matter.

The Winning Mind of an Athlete – Patty Boom Boom.  Mind over matter. Using a comprehensive approach, Kathy was able to help her client feel better, harder, and stronger, to win her boxing match. She used breathing, stress management, confidence enhancing, focus and flow, pain management, mental rehearsal, future pacing, modeling, and food counseling. Kathy […]

Relationships & Counseling

Creating Healthy Relationships The key to creating and building meaningful healthy relationships comes from within. Do you know the difference between fear of commitment and fear of intimacy? Sometimes we distrust our own judgment and other times we have a fear of getting close. Does anyone want to share their story about solving these problems? […]

Financial Anxiety

Financial and Mental Security Removing the obstacle of stress to relate to challenges in a more effective manner. Join our blog to discuss issues regarding: Job loss Shame of Bad Investments Financial Values, Beliefs, and Attitudes Your Spouse and Money Friends and Money Spending Habits Resolutions Regarding Saving More and Spending Less Many of my […]

Weight Loss

Ten Hypnotic Suggestions to try now for Weight Loss Positive suggestions for well-being: Day by day, you will have increased feelings of confidence and assurance that you can and will reach your desired weight. You can and will become a more attractive, slender and vivacious you. 1. Positive suggestions for well-being 2. Eating as an […]

Smoking Cessation

Share your Smoking Stories – leave a Comment Stop Our Smoking! Quite Smoking!  Stop Smoking Now.  Help with Cessatsion. Feel free to leave your comments what you have tried to quit smoking. Read more on Smoking Cessation at: Programs