Hypnosis: An Answer to Chronic Pain

knotAfter three pain management and hypnosis sessions with Kathy, a client made remarkable progress from chronic pain!

For three to four years, the client had visited a variety of doctors, but could not find any explanation for her persistent back, knee  and stomach pain.  She was in a great deal of discomfort, anxiety, and stress. Her condition had taken over her life.

After three sessions, she was able to see that the doctors couldn’t provide her an explanation because she was healthy. Together, she and Kathy worked on pain management, stress management, breathing exercises, and her anger issues.  She used color, music and a variety of other mental training techniques to create healing imagery.

For example, Kathy guided her in imagining she was in a hot shower, with pain pouring off  her body, and washing it down the drain. She had her imagine stimulation in the back and knees. She envisioned being her own doctor and taking control of her health. Kathy also worked on some of her digestive issues.

Because of the psychobiology of thought, these thoughts get anchored and become calcified. It is through mental training that this client was able to get out of her own way and let go of so many of these thoughts.

Healing is a work in progress, but in three sessions, she’s made remarkable advances.

Stay posted for our topic, on pre and post op preparation for surgery with hypnosis.