In The News, Boxer Patty Boom Boom! Mind over Matter.

Patty Boom Boom wins

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The Winning Mind of an Athlete – Patty Boom Boom.  Mind over matter.

Using a comprehensive approach, Kathy was able to help her client feel better, harder, and stronger, to win her boxing match. She used breathing, stress management, confidence enhancing, focus and flow, pain management, mental rehearsal, future pacing, modeling, and food counseling.

Kathy has also worked with many golfers and tennis players on the “inner game.”

If you find yourself seeking a competitive edge, these hypnotic suggestions may help:
  • The more you practice, the more anticipation, balance and concentration you will have.
  • You will have a protective shield for extra strength, stamina and power.
  • From the moment you start tightening your laces, you will tighten your concentration and focus.
  • Imagine you are washing away pain like running water.
  • With each breath you take, you will feel more flexibility, speed and stamina.
  • Imagine yourself before, during and after the fight.