Steps for Pre-Op Hypnosis

Any surgery can be anxiety-producing.  A session guides you through the following steps to manage the surgery that can be so nerve-wracking.

1) Exploration and correction of misconceptions and fears about surgery. It is important to deal with the fear and anxiety surrounding the event, and to confront feelings about doctors, hospitals and pain.

2) How to induce numbness, coldness, stiffness  for analgesia/anesthesia.

3) Visualization: Use inner resources,  for example selecting a time when you went on vacation, and the injection that you receive before surgery will be your ticket to leave on the trip. You can also imagine all the background noise or voices of the surgery becoming  background noise associated with your trip.

4) Preparing for Post Operative Healing: How to ignore sensations of discomfort in the surgery area and how to eliminate post-operative pain, and preparation for returning home. Hypnosis will allow for the most rapid healing because inflammation will be reduced.