Coaching “Patty Boom Boom” Winning the Mental Edge.

Kathy coached Queens model turned boxer ‘Patty Boom Boom,’ giving her the mental edge to win her first eight round fight for the New York State Title in March 2013. To read more about the training process

Kathy on MNN. Tips for Staying Calm and Cool on Dates.

Kathy appeared on Manhattan Neighborhood television recently to discuss Tips for Staying Calm and Cool on Dates.

Broadway: Oleanna. Kathy Gantz on Broadway in David Mamet’s Oleanna

Kathy appeared on Broadway in David Mamet’s Oleanna in a series of talk backs on miscommunication, sexual harassment and political correctness.

Martha Stewart Living. Kathy Gantz has been a Frequent Guest.

Kathy Gantz has been a frequent guest on Martha Stewart Living Radio and WBAI to discuss a variety health and wellness topics. The topic in May is The Highs and Lows of Love. The topic in June is Clearing Your Mental, Physical and Spiritual Clutter.

TV: Parco P.I. Kathy Gantz on television

Kathy also appeared on Court TV’s Parco P.I. when detectives turned to Kathy for medical hypnosis.  Art imitation life as characters recognize the benefits of hypnosis.

Patty Boom Boom works with Kathy Gantz before May 30th Bout!

Patty Boom Boom Hires Kathy Gantz leading up to her next fight May 30th, 2015 for the The NY State Title for the Super Fly Weight Division In addition, Kathy is also working with tennis and golfers on their inner games to prepare for their upcoming seasons. Two of them will be playing at the […]